Our new addition…

I am proud to introduce the newest addition to our family, a Picobrew Zymatic. My wife and I have been talking about this purchase for a while now, and with her encouragement we… Continue reading

Stick Hands v3

Well well well.  Look at what we have here. A BLOG POST!!!! Honestly, I just don’t really think about posting on here until it’s way too long after a brew day to go… Continue reading

Three Way Clone – March 29th 2015

A few notes on this beer. First off, this is my second attempt at this beer. I emailed Fort George brewery about their beer last year.  I professed my absolute love for their… Continue reading

American Stout – March 7th 2015

I should start this post off by mentioning that my wife loves dark beer.  She absolutely loves some big imperial stouts, and I like to make my wife happy. Now that I’ve got… Continue reading

GEBL IPA Bracket

Two posts in one day?  What the what? During my long hiatus from posting on this blog I probably brewed at least a half dozen times.  Off the top of my head I… Continue reading

New Homebrew System!

Welcome back to the blog!  I know, you’ve missed me.  Well, I kind of missed you too! In june I placed the order(s) for my new home brew system.  I also ordered a… Continue reading

Countdown Imperial IPA – What the what? 4/1/2014

Well, what do we have here? Another IPA you ask?  An Imperial IPA?  But you already made a single IPA called Countdown IPA, so what’s up with the IIPA version? My previous iteration… Continue reading

Countdown IPA

  My method for doing brew in a bag batches.  The lid is usually on and I tend to the mash temp every 10-15 minutes. In the quest to make an original house… Continue reading

Robust Porter

Every December my friend Kevin comes home to visit for the holidays, and every December we proceed to play lots of video games, drink lots of beer, and have a grand ol’ time.… Continue reading

Last Minute IPA – BIAB

Over the last few months I’ve been working on a house IPA recipe that I can call my own.  I’ve cloned several IPA recipes and they turn out great, sometimes even fantastic (Kern… Continue reading

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