Our new addition…

I am proud to introduce the newest addition to our family, a Picobrew Zymatic.

My wife and I have been talking about this purchase for a while now, and with her encouragement we finally took the plunge.

This machine is pretty darn cool.  There are some little hiccups and learning curves to deal with, but boy is it easy to brew twice in one weekend with minimal cleanup.

My first brew on the system was a modified version of the included Pico Pale recipe.  I modified the recipe because this unit was sitting in a non-refrigerated storage room for a few months.  The included hops and yeast were stored in what i consider an undesirable way.  This is nothing against the local home brew store, it’s just the nature of the beast.

So, I took the standard recipe and change out the hops.  The bittering hops were changed to Magnum, and the late additions/dry hop additions were changed to Citra and Enigma.  The yeast was switched to Imperial Yeast Flagship, which was chosen because I really want to give Imperial another shot, and they comped me a few cans of yeast due to a mishap a few months back.

I am really excited to see how Enigma hops turn out.  I’ve had about 6 ounces of them for almost a year now and I figure this is an easy way to really dial in what they impart in a finished beer.

If I remember, I’ll make sure to post some tasting notes on the finished product.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have an efficient way to chill the wort after brewing, so this beer is a no chill batch which may remove some hop character in place of added bitterness.


Style BJCP 2008 : 10.A American Pale Ale
OG/FG/IBU 1.0534 / 1.0069 / 50
SRM 12
ABV 6%
Starting Water 3.56 gal Water
Starting Water Weight 29.71 lbs
Batch Size 2.5 gal
Malt Amount
American Two-Row Pale 6.42 89.4%
American Crystal 60L 0.76 10.6%


Type Amount (lb) Gravity (pts) Color (pts)
American Two-Row Pale 6 lbs 6.72 oz 48.13 4.3
American Crystal 60L 12.16 oz 5.26 16.9
Type Amount (oz) Alpha Acid % Time
Magnum 0.1 13.5 60
Citra 0.25 14.2 10
Enigma 0.5 15 10
Citra 0.25 14.2 5
Enigma 0.75 15 5
Type Temp (F) Time Style
Single Step Infusion Mash 152 90 Infusion
Type Temp (F) Time Ramp
First Boil 207 60 True
Name Expected AA% Range Temp (F) Pitch Temp (F)
Fermentis Safale US-05 87 59 – 71 65
Normal Ale Fermentation
Cool to 65 F and keep temperature consistent for 10 Days
Recipe Notes
 Dry hop with .5oz Citra & .5oz Enigma at Day 2

Repeat day 5