New Homebrew System!

Welcome back to the blog!  I know, you’ve missed me.  Well, I kind of missed you too!

In june I placed the order(s) for my new home brew system.  I also ordered a chest freezer to hold fermentation temperatures steady, which should create even better tasting beer.

Brew Easy

This is my new gas fired Blichmann Brew Easy system.

As you can see, the system consists of two kettles.  The bottom kettle is the is where I boil my sweet wort.  The top kettle rests on a special lid with holes in it.  Attached to the top kettle is a tube that runs through one of the holes and drains back into the bottom kettle.

On the left is the Tower of Power LTE.  This electronic controller measures the temperature of the wort as it drains from the bottom kettle, through a pump, and back up to the top kettle.  The system is constantly sparging the grain stored in the top kettle throughout the entire mash.

If the liquid draining out of the bottom kettle starts to drop in temperature, the Tower of Power will open a gas solenoid and automatically ignite the gas burner.  Once the liquid gets back up to my desired temperature the burner will shut off again.

The system is mostly automated minus the opening and closing of a few valves and the pump.

I will post again soon with my reflections from my first brew day on the new system.

Another shot of the shiny new brew system.

Another shot of the shiny new brew system.