GEBL IPA Bracket

Two posts in one day?  What the what?

During my long hiatus from posting on this blog I probably brewed at least a half dozen times.  Off the top of my head I probably brewed 3 IPA’s, 1 American Stout, 1 Pale ale, 1 Kolsch, and a few collaborative brews with my good pal Dioni.  One of the more recent brew days was a sort of last minute split batch brew day with Dioni for the GEBL IPA Bracket.

The IPA Bracket is an IPA only beer competition.  Each IPA is judged and scored, afterward the top beers are put into a bracket system and compete head to head with other well scored beers.

Dioni and I decided to brew two IPA’s from the same 12 gallon batch of wert.  The plan was to take half of the wort and put it into my kettle and burner and boil the other half in Dioni’s system.

Dioni is a big fan of Firestone Walker Union Jack, which is a rather tasty IPA and a good example of the style.  So, we set out to clone this beer with half of our wort.  The other half was to be an English IPA, which is in theory a lot easier to make with some success.  Unfortunately, we were not very successful with either of the beers…

Somewhere in the process our beers were exposed to too much oxygen, which caused the beers to become oxidized.  If you’ve ever had an oxidized beer, you know that it can taste pretty foul.

Basically those two beers were eventually presented as a sacrifice to the great DRAIN god.  I can only hope that this has appeased the almighty drain, so that many beers thereafter are allowed to be enjoyed with no spoilage…

Boiling an English IPA for the GEBL bracket.

Boiling an English IPA for the GEBL bracket.

Mashing out

Mashing out

The week before this brew day, I brewed my second attempt at a clone to the 2014 version of 3-way IPA.  This beer has probably been one of my absolute favorite IPA’s in the history of my beer consumption.

On a whim I submitted this beer to the GEBL IPA Bracket.  The beer was made with Vermont Ale Yeast (Heady Topper Yeast) from gigayeast.  The beer came out fantastic, and the keg was kicked rather quickly.  When it came time to submit my beer, I didn’t feel like breaking out the bottling gun, so I just filled the bottles from the tap…

So, how did the beer do?  I received a combined score of 40.5 (41,40)!!!!!!  My beer took second place in the American IPA (14B) category out of 44 entries!

I received a cool medal, and some local brewery swag for my accomplishments.  This has encouraged me to start brewing more, and submit way more beers to competitions.

Now, if only Dioni and I could figure out how the heck those beers got oxidized…